30 Money Gift Ideas and Creative Ways To Give Cash

30 Money Gift Ideas and Creative Ways To Give Cash

Are you looking for the best money gift ideas or some creative ways to give money?

Whether it’s a special occasion like your friend’s Birthday, their Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, or any holiday you can think of, we often wonder how we can gift cash without coming across as unthoughtful.


Creative Ways To Give Money as A Gift

Cash, or gift cards, whether in the form of Amazon or Starbucks gift cards, seem like one of the most practical gifts.

At least, I know, for me personally, I like receiving money or gift cards to the shops I like to buy stuff from!

That’s why I enjoy earning free Starbucks gift cards or Amazon gift cards by using these legitimate online survey sites during my spare time.

That way, the person who gifts me money or gift cards will know it doesn’t go to waste compared to gifts that add no value or things that I won’t be using.

You know those gift baskets filled with a lot of random knickknacks and things you don’t personally use and end up collecting dust over the years at home?

Overall, it’s just fast and easier to gift money instead of spending hours, days, or weeks deciding on what to buy for that special person.


The Best Money Gift Ideas

If you’re someone looking for fun and thoughtful ways to give money, then you’re in the right place.

As I said, I like receiving cash and free gift cards myself, and I know many people who actually prefer this!

And because I LOVE unique and creative ideas combined with a bit of crafting, I’m creating a list of the best ways to gift money to your friends, family, coworkers, and even your neighbors!

There are so many unique ways to give cash without looking like a lazy and unthoughtful person. In fact, these money gift ideas will make you look thoughtful and creative. I am very confident that the recipient will LOVE these money gifts because it will look like you spent some time on them.

And trust me, it doesn’t take that long to do. This will actually save you time and the hassle of thinking of what to give. The best part is they’re practical and the person will actually put that money you give into good use!

Here are the best and creative ways to give money to anyone and on any occasion – you can apply the same concept whether it’s for a Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Christmas holiday, or even for a Baby Shower!

There’s really no limit on creativity when it comes to giving cash, so go nuts on these money gift ideas! We also have a separate listicle on the best money gift box ideas for you to check out.


1. Piggy Bank filled with Money Inside

Pearhead Ceramic Pink Piggy Bank, Makes a Perfect Unique Gift, Nursery Décor, Keepsake, or Savings Piggy Bank for Kids, Pink

This is a SUPER fun and cute way to gift money to a kid or young adult. It will also work for adults who are looking for inspiration and motivation to save more money!

Simply grab a beautiful piggy bank like this special one and fill them with coins and/or cash of your choice.

Not only is this practical, but it’s a unique way to give money without appearing like that boring person who just hands out cold cash!

If you’re looking for unique piggy banks for both adults and kids, then I encourage you to check out this list of the best piggy banks for adults. I promise you and the receiver will love them!

Here are more creative DIY piggy bank ideas to gift cash for that special person:


2. Money Puzzle Box Holder Gift

aGreatLife Money Maze Puzzle Box | Unique Money Storage - with a Well Crafted Package | A Box Full of Surprises ! More Fun Than just Putting Money in an Envelope as a Present !


This practical yet unique Money Maze Puzzle Box will make the perfect money gift for any occasion. That includes Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and even Graduations.

Simply slip in cash, jewelry, or any small item you wish to surprise the recipient with. The receiver will be super excited to solve this money puzzle maze to receive their special gift! This is definitely a fun and exciting way to gift money without looking like that unthoughtful person!

Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this cash gift idea. In fact, I recommend stocking up on these so you can use them at the last minute when you’re looking for a unique way to give cash!

For more ideas like this, I also have a list of the best money puzzle boxes to gift this year, so definitely check them out!


3. Sneak Cash Inside a Starbucks Tumbler 

Starbucks Summer 2021 Swirl Color Changing Reusable 24oz. Cold Cup (2)

It’s no surprise that Starbucks makes one of the top gift choices because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love Starbucks? That’s why we have a separate list on the best gifts for Starbucks lovers.

One of the easiest way to gift cash, or even a Starbucks gift card, is to sneak them inside of these pretty Starbucks tumblers by hiding the money between two packaged coffees or hot chocolate. We guarantee that you won’t go wrong with this simple yet practical gift idea! The truth is everyone wants some winter holiday cash along side with their Starbucks gifts.


4. Surprise Money Bath Bomb

Cash Money Bath Bombs | $2-$2500 Inside | Guaranteed Rare $2 Bill | Large Mystery Surprise Gift | (Birthday Cake)

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or holiday gift, one way to promote relaxation to the recipient is through a money bath bomb. But it’s not just any regular bath bomb you pick up from a drug store or beauty shop.

What makes it unique and interesting is these surprise bath bombs actually have money inside!

With these special type of bath bombs, the lucky person who receives the money bath bomb gift has the chance of winning up to $2,500 in grand prize! It’s guaranteed to have at least the rare $2 USD bill, so there is real money hidden inside these bath bombs.

If you want to have to some fun and surprise your friend, family member, or coworker, consider picking up a few of these. It’s similar to gifting a lottery ticket for the thrill and excitement. Who doesn’t like to be excited when it comes to unwrapping a special present? 

To sweeten this gift, consider inserting some cash on the side, or even a gift card to their favorite place, and seal it with a hand-written card. The main purpose of this gift is to make it fun, memorable and exciting for the person who receives it.


5. Money Card Holder

If you’re NOT a crafty person and looking for the quickest along with easiest solution possible (and the fact that you really don’t have all the time in the world), then pick up these pretty holiday money cardholders for Christmas and slip in some brand new crisp bills with a personalized message.

In today’s world where most people turn to e-gift cards or e-cards, the fact that you’re writing a personalized message and gifting it in person, or mailing it to their home address, is already considered a thoughtful gesture.

For something generic, pick up these money cardholders for any special occasion – they work for Birthdays, Weddings, Baby showers, Graduations, Valentine’s Day, and even for winter celebrations.

For us, we love panda hugs instead of bear hugs, so this very pretty panda cash card holder will make the perfect money gift for panda lovers!

You can stock up on any of these card holders and you’ll still look thoughtful without having to scramble at the last minute!

iscream Colorful 'Panda Hugs' Greeting Card with Removable Rhinestone Pandacorn Decal and Envelope

Speaking of pandas, we have a list of the 50 best panda gifts for panda bear lovers, which you can easily pair with some cash or a gift card when you decide to pick up one of these panda themed gifts.


6. The Lucky Money Tree Gift Card and Cash Holder

You can mix up a variety of cash and gift cards with this money tree holder with LED lights.

C’mon – Who wouldn’t want a LUCKY money tree on their desk or home office space?

We’re a huge fan of money trees as a gift of prosperity, wealth, health, and healing, so we even have a list of the best money tree gift ideas for you to explore!

Mein Schatz Money Tree Gift Card Holder with 10 Clips and LED Lighted Tips


7. Money Clip Wallet Gift

The Ridge Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Aluminum Metal Wallets for Men with Money Clip (Gunmetal)

Shopping for your boyfriend or husband? 

Look no further – you can slip in some dollar bills and/or gift cards in one of these sleek and functional money clip wallets for men. I highly recommend #5 on the list because it’s one of the most popular money clip wallets for the guys.

This will be his favorite gift of all time! 🙂


8. Dollar Bill Origami

I personally folded different variations of dollar bill origamis using these super easy dollar bill origami tutorials, brought them to a Kris Kringle (AKA White Elephant) party, and it was the hottest gift item being stolen and the most sought-after gift at the exchange!

I’m telling you… people will not admit that they want money as a gift, but their actions speak louder than words!

People actually LOVE the gift of cash, especially when it’s folded in the form of some cool origami paper bills, so you can’t go wrong with it since it’s one of the most practical money gift ideas!

Money Origami Kit: Make the Most of Your Dollar: Origami Book with 60 Origami Paper Dollars, 21 Projects and Instructional DVD



9. DIY Coke Cash Tree Money Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to give money, then consider giving the gift of joy with these soda cans!

There are exactly 12 Coke cans here, so you can do the math and arrange the dollar bills and gift as much money as you like.

Look at how pretty and thoughtful that looks – I guarantee the Coke lover will appreciate this money gift!

DIY money gift idea coke tree

Source: Passion For Savings


10. Money and Gift Card Basket

Instead of a gift basket filled with snacks, chocolates, sweets, or hot cocoa, consider gifting a basket filled with gift cards to the receiver’s favorite shops along with some fresh dollar bills!

This money gift idea works for Birthdays, Graduations, and even for Christmas!

These cash gift baskets beat the prepacked ones filled with random products that people may not end up liking. Those big baskets usually cost over $50 and can go for hundreds of dollars, so why not give cash in a crafty basket like this?

In addition to that, you can slip in a small item you know they will enjoy.

For example, if your girlfriend loves O.P.I nail polish, and you know she uses them often, then include an inexpensive mini set into the basket to make it look fuller and more creative.

Now that’s what I call practical and thoughtful!

money gift basket

Source: Ink Happi


11. Slip Money and Gift Cards in a Deck of Cards

I actually did this one year and slipped a $20 Starbucks gift card in a deck of cards along with a $20 bill for a Secret Santa exchange at work.

The person who unwrapped the present was SO angry at receiving a deck of cards and said “REALLY? Seriously? Who is inconsiderate enough to give a deck of cards???”

Someone screamed aloud, “Open the deck of cards! Maybe there’s something else inside!”

So, she did.

Her face turned from super furious to jolly and happy once she saw that there was a $20 Starbucks gift card along with a $20 bill inside.

But she got very upset again when someone stole her gift during the White Elephant exchange game – ha, that tells you that people actually do want practical gifts like cash!

money gift ideas deck of cards

Source: Smart Fun DIY


12. Money Birthday Cake Gift Idea

This is not to say to replace an actual cake with a cake made of dollar bills.

I mean, baking delicious cakes for someone special is practical. Who doesn’t love cake, right?

In fact, you can still gift a real cake and craft another one separately made of real money to showcase your crafty and creative side.

money gift idea birthday cake

Source: Life In Between


13. DIY Money Wreath Gift

This DIY Money Wreath will make a great graduation gift – any fresh graduate will love to receive money in this form!

For the holidays, you can also gift money by creating a Christmas wreath!

money graduation gift idea

Source: Crazy Little Projects


14. Book of Money Gift

If you’re a crafty person and you appreciate the work of art, then consider making one of these pretty DIY covers and turn it into a book of money.

Again, who doesn’t want money? We can all use a little bit of money after the holidays to pay off some debt, right?

Source: Martha Stewart


15. Money Rosette

Make one of these Money Rosettes for your friends’ or family members’ graduation! If you want to give money as a gift, then you can’t get any more thoughtful than this!

money rosette cash gift idea

Source: Inspired Barn


16. Pizza Box with Some Dough

Consider gifting money in a Pizza box for the person who loves pizza.

This sign says, “You can’t live on pizza, so here is some dough”.

But you can also make a different personalized message like “The best part about pizza is the dough” – this one is personally my favorite message to use in a pizza box. 🙂

graduation gift money idea pizza dough

Source: Passionate Penny Pincher


17. McDonald’s Money French Fries

This is perfect for the person who loves McDonald’s fries. I mean, who doesn’t love McDonald’s, French Fries?

What a cute, funny, and humorous way to give money as a gift!

money gift idea mcdonalds fries

Source: Create It Go


18. Creative Ways To Give Money Inside Balloons

You can insert some cash into a Birthday, Graduation, or Holiday balloon as a creative way to give money.

You’ll cherish these memories especially when you see the receiver who’s getting scared and excited to pop the balloons open for the money inside.

creative ways to give money balloons

Source: Sugar and Charm


19. Emergency Cash

Everyone needs an emergency fund sometime in their life.

Why don’t you start a small one for them by framing it in a photo frame like this?

What a funny way to give money – the receiver will love it and get a good laugh out of this!

money gift ideas emergency cash

Source: Sendomatic


20. DIY Money Origami Graduation Caps

These cute graduation hats make a great gift for a new graduate or anyone who is graduating in the coming year.

Simply follow the tutorial on how to fold a graduation hat using dollar bills and make a DIY tassel on the side to attach them to the money bill.

diy money gift idea graduation

Source: Sugar and Charm


21. Money Shirt Gift Idea

Instead of buying a shirt as a present (because you might not know the person’s size and personal style), you can simply be unique and gift him a shirt made of real dollar bills. He can use the money to buy all the shirts he wants.

This would make a great Graduation, Birthday, or even Christmas present if you want to give money in a fun way. This is also a perfect gift for the guy who is celebrating his new job or career!

money shirt gift idea

Source: Pinterest


22. Photo Album with Money

This would make a perfect gift for someone who likes to collect coins or dollar bills.

Simply insert all the famous faces of real dollar bills into a photo album or make it into a scrapbook gift if you want to go the extra mile!

photo album with money and gift cards

Source: Pinterest


23. Candy Bars Wrapped with Money

Grab the person’s favorite candy or chocolate bars and wrap it with money with a ribbon over it to make the gift look thoughtful and presentable.

If he or she is into healthy eating, you can grab healthy energy bars or snacks as an alternative to candy bars.

You can even insert a gift card if you know the person’s favorite go-to store.

money gift idea candy bar

Source: Pinterest


24. DIY Money Tree Gift Idea

Creating a DIY Money Tree will make it look like you spent the time and effort to make something special for your friend or family member. You can also fill the pot with some different variations of coins.

Who wouldn’t want to put one of these on their office desks or tables?

money tree gift idea

Source: eHow


25. Play-Doh Money Gift Idea

Everybody loves to spend money on fun things, so what better way to gift them money using a “Play-Doh” container?

They will treat the “dough” as “Play” money – allowing them to spend it on whatever they want without feeling guilty about it.

Everyone wants to receive some fun play “dough”, right?

Playdough Money Gift Idea

Source: Pinterest


26. Hidden Money Inside Jar Gift

A special and unique way to give money is to fill a glass jar with their favorite candies or chocolate and surprise them with cash inside the jar!

To make it more thoughtful and personal, you can add a note inside.

This is one of the most practical ways to give money and I guarantee everyone will love this money gift idea whether it’s for a Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, or Christmas! The trick is to decorate the jar that corresponds to the event that you’re celebrating with them.

hidden money mason jar gift

Source: My Home Based Life


27. Graduation Gift with Money in Jar

Another creative and practical way to gift money in a mason jar is to roll the money into diplomas and fill them into the glass with an enclosed graduation hat!

All new graduates can use some extra cash!

graduation mason jar money gift with hat

Source: No Biggie


28. Keeping it Simple

If you’re looking for glass jars or mason gift ideas with money, then a simple way to give cash is to fill it up in a jar and attach a bow along with a personalized message.

This is one way to keep it nice and simple especially when you’re running out of time and ideas!

money gift idea jar of money

Source: Pinterest


29. DIY Christmas Envelopes

Another simple yet creative way to give money is to create DIY Christmas (or Graduation, Wedding, Birthday, etc.) envelopes and insert fresh bills into them.

As always, add a personalized note and sign it off to add that personal touch.

People always appreciate anything you’ve made or wrote by hand regardless if you give them cash or not.

christmas envelopes for money gift

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun


30. DIY Money Bouquet

An alternative to receiving a bouquet of flowers for a Graduation or for Christmas is to gift them in the form of money.

The best part is the receiver will be able to put the money to good use. Or maybe they will keep it as is and leave it on their desk as a décor piece. At least they know that they can use the money when they really need it in case of an emergency. 😉

fun ways to give money bouquet

Source: Fun Squared


31. Creative Ways To Give Money with Origami Flowers

If you want to give flowers or faux flowers for a celebration, you can always slip in some money in the form of origami flowers.

This is still considered a very practical and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Remember, people love to receive money as a present, so you can’t go wrong with something creative and fun like this!

creative ways to give money origami money flowers

Source: Homemade Gifts


Giving Money as a Gift

One of the most practical and easiest ways to gift something is usually in the form of cash or gift cards. By the way, you can learn how to look for free gift cards online here.

This ensures that people can use it and buy whatever they want. They will actually put to good use!

Instead of buying things that people don’t want or wasting it on products that end up collecting dust or in the garbage, consider these fun and creative ways to give money when you’re running out of ideas.

You can’t go wrong with these practical cash or money gift ideas!

The beauty is they also work for literally any special occasion and you can gift money whenever and in whatever form you want.

Just don’t pull out a plain white envelope and stuff it with cash since that will make you look lazy and unthoughtful. 😉